Turning a simple packaging
into a collector !


Inspired by the pioneer spirit of the house, the agency seizes on the « Journey » theme and turns it into an animation program, through two strong and universal symbols : the arrow and the destination, evoking an inspiring and personal imaginary world. The opportunity for Servaire&Co to transform a simple packaging into a memory box, a decorating reminder collector, user-adjustable.


In a truly pop and festive way, Arrow offers a multitude of thematic journeys (design in Tokyo, fashion in Milan, music in Ibiza etc.) and allows famous places (restaurants, nightclubs) to custom-design their bespoke packagings.


With Arrow, packaging gets to a new level of emotional design. Our creation, a range of 29 references, offers an infinite and iconic concept to Veuve Clicquot for the years to come.


The agency makes a true design item out of Arrow, beyond a simple packaging. As a surprising twist of the roadsign, Arrow is a metallic case, embossed with one of the 29 cities of the collection.


Each destination, echoing the famous commercial adventures of the house, numbers its distance to the Crayères chalk caves in Reims.
Obviously, all roads lead to Clicquot !


Arrow joins an old agency tradition to create metal packagings, after the steely «Suitcase» designed for travel retail or «Mailbox», the case reinventing the legendary American mailbox.


Arrow answers a technical challenge : creating diversity in a mass production while respecting costs standards, as we always have.
With this surprising and customised face, outcome of a complex joining, Servaire&Co goes definitely beyond packaging.