Considered as the house’s DNA, this best Blanc de Blancs champagne gave Servaire & Co the opportunity to create a prestigious, elegant and significant universe to translate the unique refined concept of this extraordinary blend, both from a graphic to a volume design perspective.

Only 1000 magnums will be put on the market each year.


Henriot Cuve 38 celebrates a very rare champagne-producing aging process called solera, becoming a perpetual blend initiated 25 years ago by Joseph Henriot.

Like a code-name, the extravagant signature comes from the number of the tank used to produce this unique and historical blend. Servaire and Co capitalized on the colour and shape of the tall stainless steel tanks used in the Champagne region to produce the fine bubbly wine and consequently imagined the vertical bottle label and outer packaging. The sophisticated tall black and silver protective case that houses the precious blend is made of dark varnished wood and surprisingly opens like a rotating safe – reminiscent of the exclusive solera aging process – allowing a ritualistic discovery of this eternal priceless champagne.